Monday, June 14, 2010

I cant believe the oil spill!! It's ruining everything. I was watching the new's this morning and it's so bad people cant even go in the ocean and swim or do anything because of the oil spill. It's killing all living thing's in the ocean. It's getting bad.

poetry friday'zz

Well I used to hate them but know I'm starting to kinda like them more because I can some what make a poem, I'm getting better at making poem's it's just gonna take some time to learn how to do them better. Yes it has made me more confident in writing poem's and yeah I have learned more about poem's and how there made but it's hard for me to make a poem sometimes. But it's ok because I'm getting better at making them.

How the year went

This year went pretty good for me. I think that it was fun and it was a easy class to pass but i just need to not fool around allot like I like to do... next year I'm gonna do better and get to work like I'm supposed to do. What I'm taking away from this class is that I can make a poem know, I can read better, I can do allot of thing's better I can type faster better, I can spell allot better, I no allot more on how to use my computer. I liked the book Mice and Men that was a good book and the best part was I understand it. I didn't like Romio and Juliet though it was way to confusing.

Life In Prison

Life In Prison
This book is based on a true story about life in prison. In this book he will tell you everything that goes on in prison and everything in between. There is killing's and there is hand made tool's (shank's) made to kill people if needed. It's a crazy place to be in. He will tell you what he has been through in prison on death row in San Quentin.
I liked this book allot. The book is a perfect length of pages.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Done with this world
Earth and all it's glory
As I fight
The best man win's
Help me as I fight the demon of death

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Romio and Juliet differences

I drew these pictures because it explained the differences between Romio and Juliet. The one with the arrow's going both ways is for... Romio because he's not sure where to go because he's kinda confused of where to go because he has allot of option's for girls and he's not sure if he wants to go with her. The other one is with the arrow's going back in forth and that represents Juliet because she doesn't no where to go ether because she has allot of choices for guy's to.