Thursday, December 10, 2009

Monster Vocab

Today we did a act in class and we had fun doing it to. We had to find a vocab word and find the meaning of it then we had to act it. we had the word stenographer we had to act out what it meant so we acted out a court system and how they did there thing. I had my friend as the judge who says what happens, Then had another friend as the witness, and I was the stenographer. That's the type writer that takes all of what people say and talk about.

The relation to Monster is that its like the same thing as what we were doing today in class. It has to do with the court system and how its all set up. The book Monster is about a guy that's going to prison for MURDER and he's trying to say that he didn't do it and all these vocab words have something to do with the book. That's the relation from what we were doing today in class and what the book is about.

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