Friday, January 22, 2010


The setting of the book took place on a Saturday, on a plane,and at the Dove House Mansion. The plane crashed in the wood right after the field in the back of Heidi's house It was a terrible tragedy. Heidi called the cops because flight 116 went down in the back of her house so then Patrick was the first to arrive at the scene he's one of the rescue worker's. Then there was a lot people in the road that stopped to look at the scene and then the rescue workers came in the scene and they were backed up by all the people in the road then one of the worker's went out and started directing traffic it was a big mess. Once the rescue workers got through they went right down to the plane and started rescuing people out of the plane. Then all the people that were hurt went in Heidi's house and the people that were alright they stayed and tried to help. There was people that were dead and there was people that were suffering because they were stuck under crushed metal inside the plane so they had to cut them out with tool's that are specially made to cut through metal. It was a hard job but they did it with only a few people dieing, but a lot were hurt from it.

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