Monday, January 11, 2010

"My Opinion: Capital Punishment"

what my feeling's are about the death penalty. I think we should do the death penalty to people like rape's people who deserve it but not like robber's and people who grow pot and sell drug's they should just get some time in jail and that's it people who kill people should just get life in jail and if somebody shoots a cop well there's to many cop's out there but they should still get life in jail so i guess I'm for the death penalty but to only the people who deserve it like people who rape's Little's kids should get Torched because they just ruined there hole life know there going to have flash backs and in that case have problems for the rest of there life. so they should get the death penalty that's what i think. but if it's in self defense and somebody kills somebody it shouldn't be a problem there the one that crossed the the boundary line.

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